Past Harvard E4E Leadership

Former Co-Chairs:

Stephanie Kestelman was a former co-chair of the group and is interested in public economics, questions in federal/state and local fiscal policy, and urban economics. Stephanie's Website

Jamie Gracie was a former co-chair and is interested in labor, public, and the economics of education.

Former Core Team:

Alex Albright has interests in labor economics, law & economics, and economic history. Alex's Website

Saumya Chatrath has research interests in health insurance design and health reform.

Layane Alhorr has interests in development, labor, and behavioral economics.

Ariel Gomez is interested in political economy, labor, and development economics.

Ria Granzier has interests in theory and labor generally.

Isabel Harbaugh Macdonald specializes in labor and development economics. Isabel’s projects focus on vocational education and financial inclusion.

Kristen McCormack is interested in environmental, public, and labor economics. Kristen's Website

Kathryn Holston works in macro and finance and her research interests include monetary policy. Kathryn's Website

Louise Paul-Delvaux is interested in Labor, Development and Metrics.

Ljubica “LJ” Ristovska is interested in public, labor, and IO, with a particular focus on health economics. LJ's Website

Awa Ambra Seck has interests in political economy and development economics.

Emma Smith has interests in development and political economy. She has a regional focus in the Middle East and East Africa.

Anna Stansbury works in macro and labor. Anna's Website