About Harvard Economists for Equity (E4E)


Harvard Economists for Equity* was set up in spring 2018 with two goals: building community among underrepresented groups in economics at Harvard, and bringing together grad students of all backgrounds to work towards inclusion in economics, with a particular focus on gender equity.

We’re open to all PhD students at Harvard in economics-related areas. (That includes students pursuing a PhD in economics, public policy, education policy, business economics, political economy and government, etc.)

We have two strands:

  1. Social & networking: bringing together underrepresented graduate students in economics at Harvard in community with faculty, undergraduates, and people across local departments.
  2. Working group: thinking about & taking action on issues to do with gender and representation in our department and in economics more broadly. This is an informal place to try to identify what the issues might be, develop ideas to tackle them, and get together with other people keen to work on them.

Note: Working group events are open to all genders, but some social & networking events are specifically for women. Event details will always specify which case fits for a given event.

Our Mission

To increase representation for women and other underrepresented groups in economics and support these group’s participation in economics, at Harvard and in the broader profession.

Our Vision

An economics profession where people of all genders:

We support an economics profession where the above is true for all people regardless of race or ethnicity, sexuality, or disability. While our focus is on gender, we actively support other efforts to promote broader diversity and inclusion.

Project Groups

Contact Us

Feel free to shoot us an email at harvardgwe@gmail.com if you’d like to get in touch.

* Formerly Harvard Graduate Women in Econ.