GWE Lunch with Professor Amanda Kowalski

To expand access to the amazing female economists coming through Harvard, Grad Women in Econ has organized small group lunch meetings with the female presenters at the Social Policy and Economics seminar at HKS.

This event: lunch with Amanda Kowalski on 3/10/20!

The lunches are held in Taubman 457 at HKS from 1-2 pm, directly after the presenter’s talk in Rubenstein 414 from 12-1. You can grab lunch from the seminar and bring it to the meeting room to eat with the speaker.

If you’d like to join, please reach out to Isabel Harbaugh Macdonald (

From Professor Kowalski’s website,

Amanda Kowalski, the Gail Wilensky Professor of Applied Economics and Public Policy at the University of Michigan Department of Economics, is a health economist who specializes in bringing together theoretical models and econometric techniques to answer questions that inform current debates in health policy.

Professor Kowalski’s recent research advances methods to analyze experiments and clinical trials with the goal of designing policies to target insurance expansions and medical treatments to individuals who will benefit from them the most. Her previous research has explored the impact of Medicaid expansions, the Affordable Care Act, the Massachusetts health reform of 2006, and employer-sponsored health insurance plans. She has also used cutting-edge techniques to estimate the value of medical spending on at-risk newborns.